Will the Chicago Cubs Suck in 2015?

Chicago Cubs Suck Collage from Joseph Merkle on Vimeo.


Why will the Chicago  Cubs Suck in 2015

Many of the “experts” are predicting a good year for the Cubbies based on the hire of manager Joe Madden, an improved pitching staff and some promising rookies expected to start for the team. But anyone who has been alive for the past 10 decades should have their heads examined if optimism creeps into their prognostication considering this team.

There is no doubt that with the signing of one of the premier pitchers in baseball in Jon Lester it should add about 5 more victories to last year’s total of 73 wins. But here is the crux of the matter. The Cub’s projected lineup for 2015 had 500 more strikeouts than walks last year. So who will be on base for those promising rookies to drive home?

Having been a baseball fan for 55 years I have seen countless prospects crash and burn. This is magnified by the fact that if they play in Wrigley Field their chances of success diminishes greatly. I have also seen the 1969 Cub team collapse with five future Hall-of-Famers on it. Face it, it’s a Cub thing. Hence the Chicago cubs suck.


Sales and Samardzija

The 2015 White Sox are also getting kudos from the so called experts. Rick Hahn did a great job dumping Dunn last season and picking up proven, productive veterans to team up with young stars Jose Abreau, Adam Eaton, and Avasail Garcia. These moves combined with the addition of starter Jeff Samardzija, closer David Robertson, and bullpen help Zach Duke and Dan Jennings will make for the strongest staff the Sox have had in years.

Both the Sox and Cubs won a mere 73 games in 2014. Needless to say it was a horrible year for baseball fans on either side of Chicago. 2015 looks to be more promising but it is my predication the Chicago Cubs suck again in 2015.

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